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Conversion / Migration Services

DSI has in-house Itanium OpenVMS systems for migration, development and benchmarking. We are also an authorized Itanium reseller for systems sold with Linux.

An Itanium system is an industry standard 64 bit RISC processor developed by Intel that can run OpenVMS, Unix, Linux or that virus compatible OS.

Benefits Of Using an Itanium

  • New Itanium systems can be both cheaper and faster than a used Alpha.
  • Operating costs can be greatly reduced. (Electricity, air conditioning and maintenance)
  • Itanium OpenVMS systems all include TCPIP services and an unlimited user license at no extra cost
  • Many Alpha applications can be ported to an Itanium in a matter of hours.

As an example of the cost/benefit of migrating to Itanium, a cluster consisting of an ES40 and an AlphaServer 1000 was replaced by two single processor RX2620 Itanium systems. The total cost of the new Itanium's with three years of software and hardware maintenance was almost equal to just the hardware and software maintenance costs on the Alpha systems for the same three years.

This upgrade resulted in almost 5 times the cpu performance and, due to more memory and better caching, most batch jobs ran over twice as fast.

If you are asking yourself questions like, "Will my software run on an Itanium?", or "What size Itanium would I need?, or "When is the best time to migrate?", call us at (949) 650-0526. We have the answers!