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EDI Development / Support

Accurate and efficient electronic data interchange (EDI) is an important part of business today. It is also a requirement in some industries especially the Healthcare industry. Our EDI services include, mapping, file transmission, monitoring and 4010 to 5010 transaction set migration.

EDI Mapping Services

We can map any file format to any other file format allowing import and export options between business partners. Efficient data exchange can improve customer relationships and increase profitability.

File Transmission / EDI Monitoring

File transmissions can be scheduled to automatically occur at specific times. Monitoring can be implemented that tracks file transmission success or failure. If a failure occurs an automatic notification can be sent. This type of monitoring eliminates the costly expense of manual tracking.

EDI Healthcare

Digital Synergy Inc, started working with the NEIC proprietary EDI transmission format in 1985. When the ANSI standard 837 for medical claim information exchange was instituted we developed the process to transmit and receive in the 4010 format. Since then we have implemented this standard for many business partners. We have also been involved in numerous 4010 to 5010 migration implementations and can provide services to help clients achieve HIPAA compliance.

For more information and samples of the analysis, please contact Tammy Coffield at (949) 650-0526 or use the Contact Us page.