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FastCGI Diagram

FastCGI is an protocol that allows a web server to connect to application servers on either the same or remote systems eliminating most of the overhead associated with normal CGI interfaces and providing increased security and scalability. The FastCGI software developed by DSI allows direct connection to OpenVMS RMS databases as will as interfacing with programs written in most OpenVMS languages.

Download FastCGI. Programs are provided with no warranty (see LICENSE.TXT)

For more information on FastCGI, see Many thanks to Rob Saccoccio for his assistance and support through the FastCGI newsgroup.

These programs have been is use since early 2000 and have been extremely reliable. The only change was required by the upgrade to TCP/IP services V5.0A. If you have trouble with FASTCGI_SETUP on an earlier version, please contact us.

These programs are written in OpenVMS Basic so they conform to the OpenVMS calling standard. This allows creating a web interface to existing OpenVMS applications in Basic or Cobol without significant changes to the business logic. If you want to use FastCGI to connect to C, you are probably better off downloading the FastCGI library from

While these programs form the basis of Web enabling an OpenVMS application, there are many other tools and solutions we have developed to support users over the Internet such as JavaScript validation, allowing users to submit batch jobs, retrieve reports and use authentication based on either a separate authorization file or the OpenVMS SYSUAF.DAT. Using the SYSUAF means a users password is the same for both web and interactive access.

The secure web server can be any server that supports FastCGI such as Apache or the DSI Secure Web Server which runs on OpenVMS.

For more information and samples of the analysis, please contact Jeffrey Coffield at (949) 650-0526 or use the