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Legacy System Rejuvenation

If you have an older OpenVMS system running on Vax or Alpha, and you are considering an upgrade or replacement, Digital Synergy, Inc. can assist you in evaluating possible solutions and implementing the right solution for your business.

Most older applications are limited to 80 by 24 line screens and, as a result, are not as user friendly and require more training and time for new users to become proficient.

DSI has developed Java and Web software that allows access to data stored in RMS files, and that also allows web and Java based applications to call business logic contained in legacy applications. With this technology, high usage programs can now be updated to a newer and more user friendly interface without having to rewrite the entire application. This means that instead of taking on the risks of a large project, an update project can proceed in small steps with each step, as it is completed, providing increased benefits.

This process eventually separates the presentation logic from the business and database logic by breaking down the system into a series of calls that can be then be individually ported to a newer environment.

Again, our main focus is to provide an update path that is a series of small steps, each providing increased value, each moving in the desired direction and each being paid for as it is completed.

For more information and samples of the analysis, please contact Jeffrey Coffield at (949) 650-0526 or use the