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Linux Support

DSI has supported Linux on desktops and servers as well Itanium servers for over ten years. We primarily support OpenSuse and Suse Enterprise Linux, but also support Red Hat and Ubuntu systems.

DSI can provide a Linux Monitor Client that monitors and records system performance as part of the DSI Watch product.

While there are no systems that can compete with the power and reliability of OpenVMS for business critical applications, there are many applications that can now be handled more economically on Linux systems.

While there are many arguments about Windows vs Linux (as well as Windows vs Mac) the bottom line is that Linux systems are cheaper, faster, more reliable, easier to maintain and to upgrade, and are far less susceptible to viruses. Why pay money for an inferior product when you can get a better product for free?

Even if you think you must stay on Windows because "I need product X and X only runs on Windows." Why pay money for MS Office when Open Office is free?

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