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Project Management

Digital Synergy Inc has managed many successful projects. In fact we have never managed a project that did not have a successful outcome.

Our project management services include:

  • Definition
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Control
  • Closure

Defining the Project

In this stage we define what the project is and what the users hope to achieve by undertaking the project. This phase also includes a list of project deliverables, the outcome of a specific set of activities. We work with the business sponsor or manager who wants to have the project implemented and other stakeholders.

Planning the Project

We then define all project activities,  listing all activities or tasks, how the tasks are related, how long each task will take, and how each task is tied to a specific deadline.

Also we determine how many people (resources) and how much expense (cost) is involved in the project, as well as any other requirements that are necessary for completing the project.

Executing the Project

The resources are assigned and the budget is allocated to the various tasks in the project. Now the work of the project begins.

Controlling the Project

We update the project plan to reflect actual time elapsed for each task. By keeping up with the details of progress we are able to understand how well the project is progressing overall.

Closure of the Project

We pull together the project team and those who have an interest in the outcome of the project (stakeholders) to analyze the final outcome of the project.