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OpenVMS System Support

DSI can develop a customized support contract that provides any combination of the following services:

  • OpenVMS system performance monitoring and tuning on Itanium, Alpha and VAX systems
  • Installation and upgrades of OpenVMS and layered products
  • Coordination of hardware installation and maintenance
  • Facilities management
  • OpenVMS Training
We install new versions of VMS and layered products on our own systems for testing and evaluation before we install them on a customer's system.

OpenVMS Health Check

The OpenVMS Health Check is a set of DCL command procedures that collects data on the overall tuning and load of an OpenVMS system. It generally is run for a week and takes .2 to .3 percent cpu. The results are collected into text files which are then sent to DSI. We analyze this information and return both a written analysis of the system and a set of graphs detailing the performance.

This data can be used as a "second opinion" to ensure that a system is properly tuned. It can also provide the basis for assessing the current system capacity when considering a hardware or software upgrade or starting a migration project.

Linux Support

DSI has supported Linux on desktops and servers as well Itanium servers for over ten years. We primarily support OpenSuse and Suse Enterprise Linux, but also support Red Hat and Ubuntu systems.

DSI can provide a Linux Monitor Client that monitors and records system performance as part of the DSI Watch product.

For more information and samples of the analysis, please contact Jeffrey Coffield at (949) 650-0526 or use the